Alloy Design

There are thousands of alloy steel grades and tens of thousands of specifications used internationally. The output of alloy steel accounts for about 10% of the total steel output. It is an important metal material widely used in national economic construction and national defense construction.
Since the 1970s, the development of alloy high-strength steels worldwide has entered a new era. Based on controlled rolling technology and microalloying metallurgy, modern low-alloy high-strength steels, namely microalloyed steels, have formednew concept.
In the 1980s, the development of a variety involving a wide range of industrial fields and special materials category reached its peak with the help of achievements in metallurgical process technology.In the four-in-one relationship of chemical composition-process-structure-performance of steel, the dominant position of steel structure and micro-fine structure is highlighted for the first time. It also shows that the basic research of low-alloy steel has become mature and unprecedented.The new concept of alloy design.

Post time: Sep-17-2020

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