Details to note when using threaded flanges

Threaded flange refers to a flange connected by thread and pipe. During design, it can be handled according to loose flange. The advantage is that no welding is required, and the additional torque produced by the flange deformation on the cylinder or pipe is very small. The disadvantage is that the flange thickness is large and the cost is high. Suitable for connection of high pressure pipeline.

Threaded flange is the inner hole of the flange is processed into pipe thread, and the pipe with thread matching complete connection, is a kind of non-welded flange. Compared with the flat welding flange or butt welding flange, the threaded flange has the characteristics of installation and convenient maintenance, and can be used in some pipelines that are not allowed to be welded on site.
Alloy steel flanges have satisfactory strength, but are not easy to weld, or the welding performance is not good, threaded flanges can also be selected. However, it is recommended not to use threaded flanges to avoid leakage under the condition that the pipeline temperature changes rapidly or the temperature is higher than 260℃ and lower than -45℃.

Post time: Sep-18-2021

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