Shanxi dongHuang wind power flange manufacturing co., ltd

Shanxi DongHuang Wind Power Flange Manufacturing Co., LTD. will be attending ADIPEC 2019, U.A.E – the world’s leading fair for Oil and Gas Sector to be held from 11 – 14 Novermber, 2019.

Warmly welcome you to visit us DHDZ at ADIPEC Fair on Nov. 11-14, 2019 in Abu Dhabi.



Exhibition Scope

Mechanical equipment: oil well equipment, welding technology and equipment, separation equipment, oil tank equipment, lifting equipment, ventilation equipment, turbines, electric transmission devices and their assembly;

Instrumentation: valves, transformers, temperature sensors, stabilizers, recorders, filters, measuring instruments, gas meters, etc.;

Technical services: separation technology, surveying, mapping technology, refining, refining, purification technology, quality testing, gasoline pump, liquefaction technology, pollution control protection, pressure transmission detection technology, etc.;

Others: oil depot engineering, drilling platforms, experimental and simulation systems, safety systems, alarm systems, explosion-proof devices, insulation materials, oil and gas pipelines, pipeline protection systems, various metal and rubber hoses and their connections, filtration Net and so on.

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Expo (ADIPEC) is one of the three major oil and gas industry exhibitions in the world.

From November 11th to 14th, 2019, the ADIPEC exhibition in the heart of the global oil and gas reserve will once again focus on the global vision, providing an ideal platform for the oil and gas industry elites to exchange and enhance cooperation.

Post time: Sep-02-2019

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