Forging buyers must see, what are the basic steps of die forging design?

The basic steps of die forging design are as follows:
Understand the parts drawing information, understand the parts material and cabinet structure, use requirements, assembly relationship and die line sample.
(2) considering the structure of the parts of the die forging process rationality, put forward improvement ideas and determine through consultation.
(3) coordinate cold and hot processing process requirements, such as processing standards, process boss, machining allowance, etc.

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(4) Analyze and determine the die forging method and die location.
(5) draw forging graphics, find and solve the size of the problem.
(6)add machining allowance, determine die forging slope, radius of the round corner, hole shape, main dimensional tolerance, check the wall thickness requirements and consider various process and physical and chemical test requirements, and finally add notes to improve the die forging drawings.

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Post time: Jun-01-2020
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