What are the application areas of large ring forgings?

Large ring forgings are widely used, but in what specific ways can they be used? The following article is mainly for you to tell.

1.Diesel engine ring forgings: a type of diesel forgings, diesel engine diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, it is often used for engines. Taking large diesel engines as an example, more than ten kinds of forgings are used, such as cylinder cover, spindle neck, crankshaft end flange output end shaft, connecting rod, piston rod, piston head, cross head pin shaft, crankshaft drive gear, tooth ring, intermediate gear and oil dyeing pump body.

2.Marine ring forgings: Marine forgings are divided into three categories: host forgings, shafting forgings and rudder forgings. Engine forgings are the same as diesel forgings. Shafting forgings have thrust shaft, intermediate shaft stern shaft, etc. The forging of rudder has rudder rod, rudder post, pintle, etc.


3.Weapon ring forgings: Forgings play an extremely important role in the weapon industry. By weight, 60 percent of the tank is forgings.

4.Ring forgings in petrochemical industry: forgings are widely used in petrochemical equipment. For example, the manholes and flanges of the spherical storage tank, various tube-plates required by the heat exchanger, the whole forging barrel (pressure vessel) of the butt welding flange catalytic cracking reactor, the tube nodes used in the hydrogenation reactor, and the top cover, bottom cover and sealing head required by the chemical fertilizer equipment are all forgings.

5.Mine ring forgings: according to the weight of equipment, the proportion of forgings in mine equipment is 12-24%. Mining equipment: mining equipment, rolling equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, washing equipment, sintering equipment.

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Post time: Nov-20-2020

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