What kind of bolt connection does stainless steel flange use?

Customers often ask: stainless steel flange connection whether to choose stainless steel bolts?

Now I will write what I have learned to share with you:

Material has nothing to do with the material of flange bolts, according to the European system HG20613-97 “steel pipe flange with fasteners (the European system) HG20614-97″ steel pipe flange gasket fasteners to choose (the European system), the American system according to the HG20634-97 “steel pipe flange with fasteners (system) of America HG20635-97″ steel pipe flange gasket fasteners selection system (America), carbon steel, stainless steel flange usually choose special grade 35 crmoa can meet the requirements.

Stainless steel flange does not have to use stainless steel bolts, stainless steel bolts are used to facilitate disassembly (carbon steel is easy to rust), in some can not fire or other special occasions can also be selected;

The use of carbon steel bolts does not necessarily need to add insulation gaskets and buckets, with insulation gaskets and buckets are only used for the possibility of electrified or the fluid in the pipeline is flammable and explosive occasions, the use of stainless steel bolts should also add insulation gaskets and buckets.

The material of flange is not the basis of bolt material selection, as long as the pre-tightening force is enough.

Galvanized bolts are generally used to prevent rust and corrosion.

Post time: Jan-13-2021

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