What should be prepared before measuring large diameter flange

1. According to the position of large-caliber flange before measurement, sketch of large-caliber flange of each connection of the equipment should be drawn first and numbered consecutively, so that the fixture can be installed according to the corresponding number, and the installation can be carried out in a certain way and principle to ensure normal operation.
2. Because of the installation, large diameter flange may have different outside diameter, wrong mouth (different heart), gasket thickness is not equal, so the processing of the fixture should be corresponding to the side flange can not be exchanged, so the measurement of the size and number of each part is the key to the processing and installation of the fixture.
3. When measuring, it is recommended to arrange three people, two of them to measure, one to proofread and fill in the table, measuring tools with vernier calipers, if there is no condition available outside calipers and steel ruler. Measurement is a careful work, is the premise of fixture installation, measurement and record must be prepared to be correct, when filling the table must be serious and clear. In the actual measurement work to cooperate with each other, in accordance with the correct principle to cooperate and use.
4. The measured data should be filled in the table.
Large diameter flange is one of the flanges, which is widely used and promoted in the machinery industry, chemical industry, wind power industry and sewage treatment industry, and has been well received and favored by users. Large diameter flange has a wide range of uses. The production process is divided into rolling and forging, and the oversized flange can only be rolled. Material for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Product categories
Large diameter flanges are common flat welding flange and butt welding flange. Wire buckle flanges are not large caliber. In the actual production and sales, or flat welding products account for a large proportion. Flat welding large diameter flanges and butt welding large diameter flanges have different structure and range of use, and can show different characteristics and advantages, so it is necessary to use in different range to ensure that the flange plays an important role. Flat welded flange with large diameter has poor rigidity and is suitable for pressure P ≤4MPa. Butt welding flange, also known as high neck flange, is rigid, suitable for high pressure and temperature occasions. There are three types of flange sealing face: flat sealing face, suitable for low pressure, medium non-toxic occasions; Concave and convex sealing surface, suitable for slightly high pressure occasions; Tenon and groove sealing surface, suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure occasions. Flanges of different properties have good product performance in different fields, and the effect will be different in different occasions and Spaces.

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