How to find the machining difficulty of stainless steel flange

First of all, before the selection of the drill, take a look at the stainless steel flange processing difficult is what? Find out the difficulty can be very accurate, very fast to find the use of the drill bit. What are the difficulties in stainless steel flange processing? Brief stick knife: stainless steel processing chip strong and tough, cutting temperature is very high. When the strong chip flow through the front knife surface, will attack the bonding, fusion welding and other sticking phenomenon, affect the surface brightness of the processing parts; Work hardening is severe.

In the consumption of large flanges, there are many factors affecting the function of large flanges, the following we say a few common factors, the first is the annealing temperature (annealing temperature is the temperature parameter of primer and template respectively, when 50 percent of primer and complementary sequence is the temperature of double-stranded DNA molecules
It is a more important factor affecting THE SPECIFICITY of PCR. In the case of ambition, the annealing temperature is low enough to ensure that the primer is useful for quenching with the target sequence, and high enough together to reduce the non-specificity, respectively. The reasonable annealing temperature from 55 to 70 is generally set to be 5 lower than the Tm of the primer.


Post time: Oct-13-2020

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