Inspection before heat treatment of die forgings

The inspection before solution heat treatment is the pre-inspection process of the finished product as specified in the forging part drawing and process card for the surface quality and external dimensions after the completion of the forging forming process. Specific inspection should pay attention to the following aspects:

① The appearance should be free of cracks, rust spots, oxide scales and bumps on the surface of the heat treatment.

②The schematic drawing of the die forging shall indicate the main dimensions, special shape parts, the parts of the cross section, the shape and position of the holes.
③The size and accuracy of the die forgings to be heat treated should indicate the machining allowance, surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, position accuracy and shape accuracy, etc.

④Inspectors randomly check the amount of underpressure based on 10%-20% of the batch number of die forgings. When the batch of forgings meets the drawings, they can enter the inspection process. Forgings that have passed the inspection before quenching should be stored separately.

⑤Inspect the finished product rack before quenching, put 1-2 pieces of forgings for sampling (folded and cracked scraps cannot be used for sampling), and mark “sampling” on the die forgings. Show the difference.

⑥ After inspection, the number of finished products, repairable waste, final waste and defect code should be accurately filled on the accompanying card and signed by the inspector.

Post time: Sep-23-2020

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