Heat treatment process of 9Cr2Mo forgings

9 cr2mo materials for typical Cr2 cold roll steel is mainly in the industrial used in the manufacture of cold rolled with the roller of roller of cold die and punch etc forging but many say don’t know about 9 cr2mo heat treatment method, so here mainly to talk about 9 cr2mo heat treatment method, hope to be of spheroidizing annealing: 1 790 ~ 810 heating, isothermal, 650 ~ 670, 500 from air cooling;2 quenching: heating temperature =880~900, quenching cooling: according to different forgings and different requirements, cooling medium such as water PAG quenching fluid oil can be used.
Note: The forgings are typical Cr2 cold roll steel。


3 Critical point temperature (approximate value):Ac1 =740 C Ar1 =700 C Accm :850 C 4 Common Softening specifications for cold pressed blank :( 820 10) C 3 ~4h, with the cooling rate of.15 C /h, with the furnace slowly cooling to 650 C, 5 cold pressed blank from the oven cooling to spindle-spindled softening specifications :( 820 10) C 3 ~4h, (720 10) C 6 ~8h, then with the furnace slowly cooling to 600 C,Specification for normalizing: normalizing temperature 900 ~920 C, hardness 302-388HBW 7 Batch isothermal spheroidizing Annealing :790 ~810 C 2 ~3h, furnace cooling, 7O0-720 C 3 ~4h, hardness 217HBW, Pearlitic tissue grade 2-5,Specification for quenching and tempering of 8 forgings of mesh carbide grade 2 1. Quenching temperature 830-850 C, hardness 62-65 HRC, tempering temperature 130-150 C, hardness 62-65 HRC 2. Quenching temperature 840-860 C, hardness 61-63 HRC, tempering temperature 150-170 C, hardness 60-62HRC.

Post time: Aug-04-2020

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