4 processing techniques for SO flanges

With the development of society, the application of flange pipe fittings is more and more extensive, so what is the processing technology of SO flange?Generally divided into four kinds of technology, the following for you to explain in detail.
The first used scrap iron pin training embryo, low cost, because most furnaces are small workshop materials roots can not guarantee, the second process is brief.
The second kind: steel plate cutting flange is generally the steel plate produced by regular enterprises, the material is more normalized, generally small holes are easier to process, low cost, quality can also be guaranteed.


The third kind is the large diameter flange with steel plate generally cut into the drum, the material is not good, only in the middle has the welding surface, although the back can not see the welding joint, but still not recommended for high pressure pipeline.
The fourth is forging flange material good density high, processing up * trouble, but good quality, many units only ask the price, do not ask the material, can buy good quality products?
SO flange is a kind of pipe fittings, refers to the butt welding with neck pipe transition flange and pipe butt welding, is not easy to deformation, seal, widely used, with the corresponding rigid and elastic demand and reasonable reverse welding detailed transition, joint from the faying surface interval is big, joint surface is not affected by the deformation of welding temperature, the more complex shape hob structure.It is suitable for pipelines with large pressure or temperature fluctuations or pipelines with high temperature, high pressure and low temperature. It is generally used for connecting pipelines and valves with PN greater than 2.5mpa, and also for SO flanges on pipelines with expensive and inflammable and explosive prices.
Flat welded flanges are suitable for steel pipe connection with nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPa.The sealing surface of SO flange can be divided into lubrication type, concave – convex type and mortising groove type.Lubrication SO flange transportation is large, in low pressure unpurified compressed air, low pressure circulating water and other bad medium conditions.
But what should you pay attention to when using flat welded flanges?
Flat welded flange is a flange that inserts the pipe into the inner ring of the flange.SO flange crack plate welding flange PL and no neck welding flange, etc.The difference between SO flanges with and without neck welding flanges lies in that, in the welded part of the pipeline, the SO flange with neck is more than the welded part without neck welding flange, SO flange welding only needs to be single-side welding, SO is a better welding method, because the pipeline and flange of good vertical, the pipeline will not tilt.
The SO flange material choice is convenient, the manufacture is simple, the cost is low, the flange cover USES extensively, but the rigidity is poor, cannot be used to satisfy the demand and supply requirements, the inflammability, the explosive, the high vacuum degree, the high height and the hazard occasion chemical industry pipe system.The sealing surface type has a flat and convex surface.
Notes for application of SO flange:
1. The SO flange should be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel and welded into rings by bending. The surface of the steel should form a ring surface.In the production of SO flange, shall not use steel directly machining flange with neck, and should use a certain process to manufacture and process the flange.
2. The steel plates produced by SO flanges shall be inspected by ultrasonic wave to ensure that there is no stratified defect and that the quality and performance are excellent. Production and inspection shall be carried out according to certain quality requirements to ensure that there are no quality problems with the steel plates produced and used.
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Post time: Sep-11-2020

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